*DIGITAL COPY* Breaking CycleZ: Inverted Noir (Vol. 1)

*DIGITAL COPY* Breaking CycleZ: Inverted Noir (Vol. 1)

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Samurai Row takes you into a mind and soul bending journey! The take to Break The CycleZ, do you have the gumption to break the chains bound to you?

Breaking CycleZ, a phrase profound and provocative at the same time! What will you do to Break the CycleZ?!

Meet Samurai Row, A quiet but loud body, his energy supersedes him always gravitating attention,
eyes, ears and the mystery to learn more from anyone in his radius. His skin glows, and no matter the style
or direction everything he picks up, becomes one in spirit to him. His hair is so curly it gives off energy peaks like a Tesla Coil.
He is a fast learner and is eager to acquire more in knowledge, a renaissance man in culture and skill.
He carries a Holographic Plasma Katana, in which he has to meditate his chakras before commencing battle.
His armor is made of Mica, Radioactive Fiber Optics and Obsidian.
Which was put together by his long time ally in battle and brother Lucky, Lieutenant General of “Hands of God Occult”.
He has a Scar from his Eye down to his Cheek Bone from a child hood battle that changed his life.
Born in the Valley of Yah he experienced first hand the damage & effects of the radioactive fallout from war.
He suffers from PTSD that causes hallucinogenic trips and triggers moments of space outs to suppress the emotions,
for him and his brother [Ryu Mo] were the only survivors left in his Family.
He smokes Fronto leaf rolled herbs like its air itself. Without it he is extremely irritable and distant from communications.
He is a truth seeker and will voice by any means the truth, bringing quick judgement to those who live falsely.
He is on a journey to not only find himself, but where the world had lost its ways and vibrance.
He left the organization of religion and found the true meaning and power of faith and God,
now with his DNA and Brain being elevated he now used his energy to bring Light in the Darkness.

This is his journey, through the dimensions of reality and Breaking CycleZ of Falsehoods taught.

Breaking Cyclez Inverted Noir

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